Friday, 12 February 2010

Last Weekend

Our Boy went on an overnight scout trip last weekend. Here posing with our Lovely Neighbour and his Grandmother. He had a great time and was completely covered in dirt when he returned the next morning. Nothing like sleeping outdoors in February...

We managed to make a trip to town earlier in the day and we had SUNSHINE! Much appreciated this time of year!!!

Not much shopping was done as town was too crowded. We wanted to have lunch at Carluccio's. I absolutely looove their mushroom and pancetta soup! However, it was too long to wait for a table and we ended up in a small Chinese restaurant. The food was a bit disappointing surpisingly enough as most of the rest of the guests where Chinese and this is normally a good sign in my experience. Nah, better be patient and wait for a table at Carluccio's next time or better still - book a table!


  1. Heisann,

    hvilken trivelig
    Takk for hyggelig
    hilsen hos meg.
    Fint å kunne
    så veeldig gode ut!!!

    Ha en fin ny uke!
    Mvh HC

  2. You all look so great! "The Boy" has really grown up recently, hasn't he? A real young man!
    Thanks again, Mette, this is a wonderful way to keep in touch ... I should do something like this too, but I can't imagine it would be as creative!