Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A New Passion

The picture is taken from The Centre for Yoga Studies' webpage

I have discovered a new passion: Yoga! I decided (like many other people did after the Christmas indulgences...) to invest in my own health. As part of this resolution I found a local yoga class, just a few minutes away from our house - no excuse, in other words. To my utter surprise and amazement - I love it! The breathing techniques and focus inwards on myself for an hour every week is akin to meditation, I would think. I have been stretched and stood in postures I have probably not done for over 25 years... I didn't know I could still do it!

This week is half-term here in England so no yoga class. I really miss it. I try to do some at home, but I am still a beginner and in need of the teacher's guidance, so doing it on my own is not very successful. I just love the feeling after class when all the tension in my body is gone, particularly in the shoulder area. Tension I didn't realise was there untill it is gone.

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