Thursday, 11 December 2014

Even in December...

I had to make a quick trip up north to Durham on the weekend and was surprised to see that the amazing rose bushes outside our house are still blooming...
Even in December...
With the low light and the particular glow the sun has this time of year it made me think of the song "In the bleak midwinter". Here is a version sung by the Choir of Kings in Cambridge.
It is rapidly getting colder all over the country - even if there is no sign of snow neither in Durham nor in Cambridge... The cold here is a different 'kind' than I am used to from Scandinavia. It is a 'humid' cold which clings to your skin and you feel much chillier here than at even lower temperatures in a 'dry' cold.
On the plus side, I don't struggle with excessively dry, itchy skin here as I often encounter in a 'drier' cold.
It is important to see the bright side of things..!

Hope you are enjoying the advent season - the anticipation and preparations are almost the best part of Christmas, in my view!

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