Thursday, 2 December 2010

Through the Eyes of a Visitor

I had briefly mentioned that we had another visitor from 'back home' last weekend, but in the run up to advent I completely forgot to put up any pictures from the visit.

We shared some lovely meals and it is always such a pleasure to show 'the folks back home' my town. It is so easy to become blind to the beauty in the surroundings, so seeing it again through the eyes of a visitor is always a lovely surprise! The pictures are from one of the colleges where we had lunch. The college system means than each student MUST belong to a college in addition to the department or faculty of their chosen study field. Students live in the college, eat here, have most of their social life here and the colleges are responsible for their welfare and tuition. There are 31 colleges in our town and 3 are only for women. Some of the colleges are very old - the oldest was founded in 1284, while the last was founded in 1975.

Look at those worn steps!
Wonder how many feet have climbed these steps since they were built in1347...
Also amazing to see the roses still blooming - just a few days ago! Our Cat woke me up at 6 am this morning in an attempt to go out, but he quickly changed his mind when we saw it was snowing.
Wonder how the roses are doing...

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