Wednesday, 22 December 2010


The Cat posing in the garden this summer

Today is the 5th anniversary since The Cat joined our family!
Our Boy and I had been wanting a cat for a long time and amazingly enough there were no cats to be had that fall... I had called all sorts of organisations like the RSPCA and as December approached I was told they would not give out any cats as it was too close to Christmas.
"A cat is for life - not just for Christmas" is the saying.

But suddenly on 22 December 5 years ago I had a phone call from a lady saying she had 7 little black male kittens in her RSPCA branch and as she had heard I had been looking for a long time, she felt sure I was serious about having a cat.

Our Boy, my friend and I jumped in the car and drove to the RSPCA unit. Lo and behold - there were 7 little black kittens in a pen and now came the difficult choice - who to take? We wanted them all! However, we were already stretching The Professor's patience with ONE cat, so bringing 7 home was out of the question...
I told Our Boy to go and sit in the pen and choose one while we dealt with the paperwork. The deal is that we give a donation of £50 and the cat is then guaranteed vaccinated and also has an appointment to have it neutered when it is old enough.

After a short while Our Boy came out with a tiny little creature with big eyes: "It wasn't my first choice as I had decided to take the first one that came to me, but then I saw this one - the smallest of them all. His brothers bullied him and pushed him away from the food bowl and wouldn't let him eat, so I decided he was the one for us".

Of course this little dear came home with us and in the car we discussed a suitable name for him.
Well, it was close to Christmas... and who are we all waiting for on the 24th....? Saint Nicholas, of course or better known as Santa Claus.
Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus...SNIX!
Snix became his name even if he like everybody else here on the blog has an alias -
The Cat. 

He is a very cuddly and loving little fellow with a distinct place in our lives and like all cats enjoys the comforts of life.
In other words - he has not stepped outside for almost a week now...

To be honest, I am mildly allergic to cats and also reacted to The Cat. But I didn't want to admit this to The Professor (who had been against having a cat in the first place...) so I persevered and didn't say anything...
To my delight I discovered after a couple of months that I was no longer reacting to The Cat...
I still react to other cats, but our cat is safe!



  1. The Cat is famous - and no doubt he thinks it is the least to expect!! You might like this - it explains why cats don't like snow much...

  2. Vår Pusifer har 4 års-jubileum i morgen. Men vi hadde bestemt oss for ikke å ha flere katter. Vi reiste for ofte og for mye. Men denne katten kom bare spaserende inn i huset, slo seg ned i en stol og dett var dett. Mer eller mindre. Vi fant ut at hun var en som var blitt igjen da folkene hennes dro. Men nå eier hun oss og er sjefen her.

    Ha en riktig Dog Jul og kos deg masse.

  3. Snix - for et kanonbra kattenavn! Nydelig var han også. Jeg gleder meg til neste dyr i heimen vår, for da er det min tur å velge, og det blir seff en katt! Hun skal hete Sookie, jada, alt er klart. Jeg er nok helt klart et kattemenneske, for hunder krever tur i tide og (mest) utide, dessuten trygler de for mye om kos. No dignity!

    God jul til hele gjengen!


    Ønsker deg og dine en RIKTIG GOD JUL!!!

    Klem fra

  5. Hyggelig historie! Vi har også en katt. Dog ikke veldig kostet men hun er en del av familien!! I denne kulda nekter hun å gå ut, men så fort det blir mildere er hun mye ute. Her er det 16 kalde idag. Ikke noe deilig akkurat!! God jul til deg!! AnneK:-)

  6. Å så fin han er;-) Gratulerer til dere begge to. Jeg har også lyst på en sånn en - og det blir nok til at jeg får meg en også (selv om jeg er allergisk).

  7. Mette - that xmas we came to yours for a wonderful norvegian meal - and met a tiny Snix, who captured everyone's heart with his devilish charm & silky ways!. I can't believe it's been 5 years... Nat x

  8. Gratulerer! Så morsomt!
    Jeg er også allergisk mot katt.
    Men barna skulle gjerne hatt en vet jeg ;)