Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow and Frugal Challenge!

The first snow of the season came last night!  I would estimate it to be a good 10 cm!
Good thing it is Sunday... judging by previous years experience I doubt many would be at work if it had been a normal working day! 
The Cat was just so NOT IMPRESSED. He is refusing blankly to enter outside...
I have been challenged to a frugal month!
I am not to buy anything new for myself or the house for the month of February. 
I can however swap/borrow or make new things.
The idea is that we all have too much of everything and consume and waste too much. 
Being still close since Christmas I don't think this will be too hard of a challenge!

It was interesting that this challenge came just as I was thinking it would be a good idea to try to eat a bit more out of the freezer and try to empty some more out of our cupboards which are all full to bursting! 
So, I am extending this challenge to try to spend only about half of our normal weekly shop for the month of February. 

To be honest, I think we could easily live for weeks or months out of what is in the cupboards... 
Amongst the things that fill up my kitchen cupboards are numerous types of beans and pulses which are abundant in many Persian dishes my mother-in-law makes when she is here. Dinner tonight will be based on these as I mixed and soaked a variety of beans and pulses last night and this will become an Persian-inspired vegetable and bean stew with chunks of beef. Or a different take on a sort-of Norwegian lapskaus. And as I have made a large casserole, there should be enough for tomorrow, too!

So, I hereby extend the challenge to YOU 
-  will you take the frugal challenge, too?

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