Wednesday, 27 February 2013

When You Least Expect It...

not the best picture taken with my IPhone... but at least some natural light!
I have for a long time been looking for a sideboard to go with our dining room furniture, but never found the right size. I wanted one with only two doors, a couple of drawers, not too big and not expensive.
I had more or less given up, but when I went to browse at Homesense on the weekend, there it was! Good sturdy, solid oak. Homsense (or TKMax is another one of these stores) is a great place to browse for unusual items. I believe they buy up leftovers from other stores and sell at heavily reduced prices. Some times I find a lot I could like and some times nothing. But, as it is here today and gone tomorrow and often just a few items of each, you have to buy it when you see it most likely won't be there next time you go.
There was a minuscule scratch on the top, so I took courage and haggled and got 10% off! Of course, that scratch is not visible now that I have buffed it up. I am very pleased with all the 'stuff' that now finds it's home inside it!
I have also bought some material with the plan to reupholster the dining room chairs. Think that will wait till it gets a bit warmer and I can work outside in the garden.
 Another of my finds, is the metal tray on top of the sideboard, now filled with cones, some cinnamon bark and a candlestick. I bought the tray at a car boot sale once for a 'song', not knowing what metal it was and hoping it would become more silvery when cleaned. It didn't and I still don't know what metal it is, but it works well with the little display on the sideboard.


  1. Helt enig,, det er bare å kjøpe når en først ser det en leter etter. Mange ganger har jeg latt være og når jeg kommer tilbake er det borte vekk eller ikke min størrelse igjen...

  2. Hei Mette!! Gå på kurs i quilting!! Det er så gøy!! Gjør det!! AnneK:-)

    1. Ja, jeg mangler jo ikke akkurat hobbyer, men jeg er fristet til å prøve... :-)))

  3. Åhh, det er så moro å finne slikt kupp, særlig når det har vært et møbel du har villet finne...og der ventet det på akkurat DEG !

    Grattis - passer perfekt der det står :)

    God helg !

  4. Alltid deilig å finne noe man har lett etter lenge!Veldig fint! Omtrent samme speil som vi skal ha på det nye kjøkkenet vårt :)