Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Recommended Reading: The House at Riverton

It has gotten cold here. Yesterday and today it was only 2 degrees and I had to scrape the car for the first time. 2 degrees doesn't sound too bad considering I am used to far lower temperatures from our years in Norway, but I tell you 2 HUMID degrees is surprisingly VERY cold.

So, what is better than curling up with a good book at the end of the day? I normally don't have time to read except before going to bed, but I have to admit I sneak in a little extra reading time when I can after being recommended this book - The House at Riverton, by Kate Morton - from a fellow blogger (sorry, forgot who mentioned it!)

It very much reminds me of the TV period drama I have mentioned before - Downton Abbey which has now ended for the season... ;-(  but it is still different. The book is set in the 20's and told through the eyes of Grace, a ladies maid at Riverton House. The description of the times and the people are so real and I almost feel I am there. The story jumps between Grace now, at the age of 99 and Grace at the age of 14 as a maid. The story is beautifully reminiscent without being too sentimental.

It is such a treat when you find a book you love!


  1. Tusen takk for tipset!
    Jeg er alltid på jakt etter nye gode bøker. Heldigvis har vi tilgang til Play.com med gratis frakt. Bliss!
    Fin dag til deg! Her er det også 2 grader...Brr..

  2. Hei
    Takk for hyggelig kommentar...her er det kaldt men ikke snø enda.

  3. Sounds perfect cold-weather (in front of the fire) reading! We're still enjoying unseasonably warm weather here ... 11C today, but the nights usually go below 0. Probably because of this differential around zero, we've been experiencing really British fog ... in fact, it was so dense over the weekend, it was almost dangerous to drive!! But pretty too ... very atmospheric!
    Take care,

  4. Kaldt her også, men tørr frost er ikke så gjennomtrengende som når det er "vasskaldt" som min mor sier :)

    20tallet er spennende lesing.. Jeg hadde støvtørking av boksamlingen igår kveld - akk o ve.. Jeg ønsker meg glassdører foran bøkene eller hushjelp :)

    Ha en flott dag!

    Klem fra Tove

  5. That book is a treasure :) I really enjoyed it this summer!!!

    I see what you are saying about the 2 degrees... *giggles* I remember just ever so well from my years in Glasgow... but at the moment my butt is freezing here in Norway with it's -15 degrees... sigh!!!