Monday, 29 November 2010

The Right Tools

We have now no excuse not to have a dust free house...!

On the weekend I went out and bought a new bagless "Bosch Power Pet and Carpet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner". I must have worn out 3 or 4 vacuum cleaners these 11 years in the UK. Not because I am too particular and over clean (far from it) but probably because we have a 3 storey house with very little storage space. The problem has been to find a vacuum cleaner small and light enough to carry between each floor and which won't take too much space, but still good enough to handle a variety of wood floors, tiled floors, laminate floors, and a couple of carpeted floors (these will soon be a thing of the past, I am glad to report!)  as well as gentle enough to handle rugs. However, although this is not particularly light nor small, experience shows that just doesn't work for us. But it seems sturdy, solid, has adjustable suction and all the extra tools are built it (I just misplace them if they are stored outside the machine)

So far, I am pleased with our new "toy" and would recommend it.
As the name says, it is especially good for households with pets and has lifetime filters (still a bit sceptical to that ) as well as a 6-litre fully-sealed dust container. Come to think of it, THAT is a lot of dust! I would be seriously worried if we filled that up in one go...

So, we can now look forward to a clean and dust free advent.
Ah, yes, there is that little thing - somebody still has to walk around with the device... I just didn't have the heart to buy one of those automatic ones that roll around on their own - I think The Cat would have had a heart attack if he had seen that!
Even after 5 years he still freaks out when he hears the vacuum cleaner...!


  1. Hei hei
    Gratulerer med ny støvsuger. Å støvsuge er noe av kjedeligste jeg gjør. Heldigvis har jeg en mann som gjør det gladelig.
    Nyt dagen
    Klem tove

  2. Grattis med ny støvsuger! Nå skal det bli reint til jul:-)
    Etter vi fikk sentralstøvsuger så synes jeg faktisk det helt greit å støvsuge. Mye lettere enn å bære med seg støvsugeren opp og ned trappene. Jeg er nok litt bedagelig anlagt...

  3. Etter min mening er støvsuging et nødvendig, hybelkaniner er jeg ikke glad i, så her er sentralstøvsugeren i flittig bruk. Har nesten glemt hvordan det er å dra med seg hele støvsugeren fra rom til rom....

    Ha en flott støvfri adventsuke.