Friday, 8 April 2011

Tip for Visiting the UK

Wimpole Hall - picture borrowed from The National Trust Site

I often get questions about what to see whilst visiting the UK .
Most people go to London of course, and enjoy all the things on offer in the Capital.

But there is of course a lot more to the UK than London! We have been here for over 12 years and enjoy our lives 1 hr away from London. I have written some on my blog of what is on offer around, but there is so much more! Actually, I will go over the blog and put up another label where I collect my 'inside' scope on the UK in case anybody need inspiration for a visit!

But here is a tip:

One Sunday a couple of weeks ago Our Boy and I went to visit Wimpole Hall to see the new lambs at the farm (so cuuuuute) and to take some pictures.
Wimpole Hall is run by the National Trust and we took out a 1 year family membership. The National Trust is a charity which protects and looks after over 350 historic houses, gardens and ancient monuments which are open to the public.They also look after forests, woods, fens, beaches, farmland, downs, moorland, islands, archaeological remains, castles, nature reserves, villages. They get their income from membership fees, donations and legacies, and revenue raised from commercial operations. 

But you don't have to be a member to enjoy and visit these lovely places- more than 14 million people visit their pay for entry properties, while an estimated 50 million visit the open air properties.

I think they do a tremendous job looking after the magnificent properties which may have been destroyed or ruined due to the high costs of keeping them. So, next time you are looking into exploring the UK - check out the National Trust' website and see if there is anything there tempting you! We are looking forward to utilising our membership in the year to come!


  1. Så sant, det er jo så uendelig mye mer enn London å se. Vi burde bli flinkere til å utforske mer. Jeg har et ønske om å besøke og spise på Petersham nurseries, men det er jo også i London....

  2. England har mye mer¨å by på enn London. Da jeg gikk på ambulanseskolen for mange år siden, da var vi i Essex. Oppe med luftambulansen og bodde der en kort periode. Snart venter Goodwood - du vet vel til hvilket formål for oss (bil) entusiaster. Vært der noen gang?