Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

We have enjoyed a quiet and peaceful Christmas.

Key words for these days are traditions, good food, plenty of time, sleep, walks, films and books.
There is something so comforting and nice about the predictable traditions.

This year it has been rather warm here - about +13 degrees, so a big change from last year.

Another thing we all noticed different this year was the lack of people in the shops before Christmas. Ok, I admit it was a bit MAD in the food store on the 23rd when I unfortunately had to pop out to get something I had forgotten..., but generally I would say it is a worrying sign for the economy when you see that the shops are just not selling. I guess it might mean that the sales starting today Boxing Day and in January will be huge in order for the retailers to get hold of some more money.

And still, our town does not seem to be hard hit by the economy - we all feel like we live in a bubble compared to reports from other parts of the country.

Food for thought for the year ahead...


  1. Hei!! God JUL til deg også!! Det er deilig med rolige dager.....sånn er det her hos meg også!! AnneK:-)

  2. Hm, man merker ikke den dårlige økonomien på samme måte her.
    Ha en fortsatt koselig jul!

  3. Ønsker dere en fin romjul....her er juleselskapet vel blåst, hektisk, men veldig koselig. Det blir jobb for meg i romjulen og det er godt å komme igang med vanlig liv og vanlig mat igjen....

  4. Så flott tre dere har da.Håper du koser deg i fridagene.