Monday, 5 December 2011

Tried and Tested: Marvellously More-ish Creamy Mushroom Soup!

A few weeks ago my Danish friend (who is an amazing cook!) invited me for supper with 4 other ladies.
A real fun evening with lots of laughter, intens chatting, amazing food and plenty of drink.
It was so nice getting to know some new lovely people!
For starters we had this amazingly tasty mushroom soup and the hostess has kindly shared the recipe. She got it from "McCartney’s Meatfree Monday" (serves 4)

75g butter
4 shallots, finely chopped
1 garlic clove, crushed
500g field mushrooms, (she used Portobello and brown button)
1l vegetable stock
1 tbls plain flour

Soy sauce
Thick cream

Heat 50g of the butter,
sauté onion until soft;
add garlic,
cook for 1 minute more,
add mushrooms (sliced),
add stock,
bring to boil,
season and cover to simmer for 10-15 mins,
remove from heat.

In separate pan heat remaining butter, stir in flour, cook for 2 mins, remove and add to soup in a liquidiser, mix.  Return to the pan, bring to boil, add soy sauce to taste, salt/pepper and stir in  dollop or 2 of cream.

It was sooo jummy - I couldn't hold back...
I had TWO bowls of soup


  1. Det hørtes anderledes og spennende ut.... alltid kjekt å prøve noe nytt

  2. Hei og takk for oppskriften!! Jeg har fått anbefalt noe lignende, men du gir så presisoppskrift så da blir det lett!! Det hørtes veldig godt ut, sitter å spiser knekkebrød med kaviar..... ikke akkurat gourmet..... Ha en fin dag!! AnneK:-)

  3. Sounds yummy, did you also have some fresh baked bread & butter? Mmmmm-Mmmmm good!!