Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tried and Tested: Chocolate Caramels

The Christmas baking has started!

My good 'old' friend back 'home' asked me a question about a recipe for caramels that I had given her maaaany years ago. I couldn't remember the recipe nor how I made them, but she sent it to me and I amended it a bit and thought I would put it on the blog so I won't forget it again.


The taste brought back memories and turned out really nice!
They are a bit on the chewy side, but not so bad that you have to worry about your fillings.
An idea for an edible gift...?
They are really so easy to make.

Melt in a pan:

25 gram of butter
2.5 decilitre of sugar

3 decilitre of cream (I used double cream)
1.5 decilitre of golden syrup
50 grams of cooking chocolate (omit if you don't want chocolate caramels)
Finely chopped or grated almonds (optional)

Let the mixture cook for about 1 hr on low heat, stirring occasionally.
I put some greaseproof paper in a square tin and poured the cooked mixture in to let it cool.
I found using a pizza wheel was the easiest way to cut it up once the caramel had cooled down.

Our Boy and my trusted tester next door agreed
- naughty, but very nice!


  1. Hei på deg, du lager jo så mye fint for tiden...koser meg med innleggene dine. ha en fin førjulstid, klemmer fra Wilhelmine

  2. Det så bare fantastisk godt ut:)!
    Flink, du!!
    Kos deg med baking i førjulstida!
    Klem fra størstepia

  3. Å - det så farlig godt ut! Tror jamen jeg må prøve denne oppskriften ja!

  4. Høres utrolig godt ut! Men jeg får begrense de sukrede versjonene i år, men lager en del nesten sukkerfritt i steden. Skal prøve meg på fudge... kan jo bli spennende :)

  5. Det så godt ut - venter bare på at vi skal få smør i butikkene igjen :-)

  6. De så jo veldig så gode ut.
    fin dag til deg
    Klem Tove