Monday, 9 July 2012

So Close....!

We have endured another wet summer weekend...
Good weather to stay indoors doing some crocheting and watch the Wimbledon finals...

Our Neighbour and I took a friend out for a quick lunch as it was her birthday earlier in the week and then we all hurried home to watch the finals at Wimbledon.

I am normally neither a big fan of watching sports on the telly nor a tennis fan, but this was rather exciting! However, it didn't matter how much I was trying to will Andy Murray to win, Roger Federer was simply the better player - this was his 7th Wimbledon title!

So, Andy didn't win the title, but he won the heart of the nation with his tear filled and gracious speech.
I don't think there was a dry eye in the entire nation...

Come on, Andy!
There is always next year!


  1. Ikke så opptatt av tennis jeg heller, men tårene rørte ja, det fikk jeg med meg. Så heier på han neste gang :) Ha en fortsatt fin sommer ☼

  2. Å ja, det så jeg på tv i går kveld at han gråt....det var så rørende. Jeg så ikke kampen altså.....