Friday, 9 November 2012

Grumpy Country Bumpkin...?

Just loooove this area of London...
Our Boy and I went to the Norwegian embassy in London yesterday to renew his passport which is due to run out in January. The consulate services and passport office got new locations (still same building) three weeks ago and it is all very smart! Must also say the people there are lovely and very helpful. It was quick and efficient and the new passport will be mailed us when it is ready. Good news is also that the new passport will now be valid for 10 years. No more going to the embassy with him every 3 years...!
We also found some time for shopping for the young man.
 But I feel a need to vent:
I am rather annoyed with certain shops. Particularly those where you are met at the door by a bunch of scantily clad overly-excited-super-informal-and-way-too-familiar-for-my-liking young male shop attendants (and some young ladies) dancing away to deafening music (it is IMPOSSIBLE to talk inside the shop), dressed in OPEN SHIRTS and flip flops (hello! it is NOVEMBER!!! - OK, I KNOW it is part of the 'uniform') in premises so dark that you have to feel your way around the room...coming up to within an inch of your personal space and asking whether they can
"Help you guys with anything?".
It didn't help my mood as we were leaving we were surrounded by chorus of
"So nice seeing you guys"
"Thank you guys for shopping with us."
"Hope you guys have a nice day".
"Hope to see you guys again real soon"
coming from 10-15 attendants whose job clearly is just to smooch (and annoy) the customers!
Nah, it made me really grumpy!
This is not the way NORMAL people behave on this island.
I know the brand is not British, but this kind of behaviour really doesn't work here!
It just seems sooooo fake!
I grant that the quality of the clothes are good (the jeans Our Boy bought last year still look brand new!), but
I do not want more-than-half-my-age-over-the-top-eager-shop-attendants try to make me feel hip and young...
I do not want to be called 'you guys'.
I do not want people to pretend they care about me when I perfectly well know they couldn't care less, except for what is in my wallet!
And I HATE loud music in shops!
I just leave then - I can't think!
Don't worry.
I swallowed my annoyance and didn't embarrass my teenage son who did get what he came for.
And on Sunday I am off to London again!
But that will be a different trip!


  1. Skjønner deg kjempegodt.....og helt enig i alt du er frustrert over. For min del er denslags shopping forbi og glad er jeg for at jeg ikke behøver å gå i butikker som burde dele ut hørselsvern....

    God helg til deg og dine og god tur til London igjen. Skulle ønske det var meg, har ikke vært der på lenge.

  2. Kan jeg få gjette på Abercrombie & Fitch? Den butikken er bare umulig å oppholde seg i. Synd for nevøer og nieser som hadde ønskeliste derfra da vi var i USA. Jeg nekter! :)

  3. Sånn var det mye av i Orlando Florida og. Litt vel i overkant. Og stor forskjell fra de fleste steder i Norge der du så vidt blir møtt med et hei.
    Mellomting kanskje?
    Klem Tove