Friday, 7 December 2012

In The Run Up To Christmas...

This week and next has been and will be a bit hectic around here!
In addition to all the various work projects that need to be done before Christmas, all sorts of social events are going on!
It started peacefully with a visit from a friend from Oslo and her son earlier this week! Although they came from -15 to about 0, it has been incredibly cold here this last week! This damp wet cold really is ruthless!!! But as always it was lovely seeing them and we really enjoyed being together. It was a short visit for a very specific purpose and they went back again yesterday, but we have hopes that we might see them again in January...?
Today was the Christmas lunch with a group of Scandinavian ladies I have met during this last year and tonight I am off to the office party. This year the party will start with a quiz and we are encouraged to form teams and 'dress to impress'. Each team has to have a name and I am apparently on the team are called 'The Decorations'. I have been instructed to dress up as a Christmas Decoration....
I chose an easy way out  - I will be 'The Lights'.
Two strings of battery driven LED lights will do the trick, I think!
I hope this won't be the only way I will 'shine' tonight!

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  1. Ha ha det hørtes morsomt ut å kle seg som en juledekorasjon...skal si du har det hektisk, men kjekt...