Monday, 4 March 2013


I went up to Durham on Saturday to help The Professor settle in to the rental house we have got him while we wait for the sale in Edinburgh to go through and while we look for something new to buy. I really enjoy these train rides. A bit of luxery to have 3.5 hrs to myself, just sitting reading or crocheting!
This is apparently the oldest University building in the world still in use, from 1027. Nope, it is neither the house we are renting nor the house we went to view... :-)
Glorious weather and lovely with some alone time with The Professor
The house is fine and within walking distance to town and office. But it is a rental, so it takes a little effort to make it more 'home'.
On Sunday we went to view a house for sale. It was a big disappointment, to be honest. It is really annoying to see how the estate agents use wide angle lenses to make rooms look bigger...
Makes me really annoyed, actually!
But we should be patient.
This was the first house we viewed so I guess we should listen to the quote saying
patience is bitter, but it's fruit is sweet...


  1. Togtur høres avslappende og forlokkende ut. Lykke til med husjakten.

  2. Hørtes lurt ut å holde seg til det ordtaket.... Det er ofte slik at bildet lyver litt i annonsene synes jeg. Lykke til videre i husjakten.

  3. Thinking of you, Mette! Also, thanks for the book recommendations. I just finished Zoya Pirzad's Things we left unsaid ... and loved it!!!! I hope the house-hunting improves and that you are able to enjoy the spring up in Durham! Here, for the first time in months, we had a hint of spring ... the temperature got up to 4C and I could even see buds forming and hear the birds chirping away!!! Hope to speak soon! Take care S

  4. Enig, togturer (om ikke de er altfor lange) er deilig, avslappende tid til enn selv.

    Godt at mannen har kommet seg på plass, endog det er i leiet bolig.

    Ordner seg nok til slutt, den som venter, venter ikke forgjeves - på at akkurat DEN boligen skal bli deres, samt lykke til med salg av den i Edinburg !!

    1. Takk for alle positive tanker! Det ser ut som leiligheten i Edinburgh er na solgt og det er jo godt - et skritt fremover, i allefall!
      Na gjelder det a vaere talmodig og hape at det dukker opp noe bra i Durham! Mottar gjerne tips om gode omrader i omegn!