Wednesday 2 October 2013

Alexis Gloves

It is getting chilly here. It can still get up to 17-20 degrees during the day, but on a grey, rainy day like today there is no denying autumn is here. I went by a new wool shop the other day and came across the pattern for these fingerless gloves. I knitted them using baby alpaca wool - a first for me. It is the loveliest and softest yarn. I wouldn't mind making something else in this yarn!

As I paid for the pattern I don't think copyright laws allow me to just put it out on the web, but if you google 'Alexis gloves' you should find it. The top end has a loop that goes around the middle finger. Dramatic effect :-)

But I think it was the picture of the model that made me look twice at the pattern - she is almost the spitting image of my beautiful niece. It isn't my niece (who of course - in my eyes - is even more beautiful), but I think I found her 'twin'. :-)

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