Monday 13 April 2015

New Baby Blanket

Another baby blanket was completed this weekend.
The yarn is Drops Merino Extra Fine. The pattern is from Drops, with some minor amendments like adding in the heart in one of the squares and not including the little bobbles which is part of the original pattern. I envisaged they could be uncomfortable for a little body to lie on if the blanket was wrapped around him. Yes, it is for a boy due this week, so done just within time! Unfortunately, the blanket isn't perfect - I noted several (very annoying) mistakes when it was done, but I am still pleased with this first attempt of cable knitting. Or perhaps I could hide behind the old saying that mistakes should be added to anything you make as "only God makes things perfect"... ?
Anyway, here it is after washing, resting on Our Student's old foam blanket last in use many, many years ago... I have many times thought of getting rid of it, but it is actually brilliant for stretching out washed knitted or crocheted garments on...!

Wednesday 8 April 2015

More Luck than I Deserve...?

A really lovely, relaxing Easter holiday came and went.
The troop was gathered and I have to say I really enjoyed just being home with the family.
The days were spent with good food, long walks, knitting, talking and sleeping.
But I wonder if I might have used up this year's allotted portion of good luck.
Just listen to this:
On Saturday we took the Student and the in-laws for a meal at our favourite Turkish restaurant Efes. I had booked the table for 5.45 as this was the only time they could fit us in. We were fortunate enough to get a parking space right in front of the restaurant. As we were tucking in to the meze that was appearing in front of us (soooo gooooood!) I happened to cast an eye out of the window and saw to my horror a parking attendant looking at the car! I knew I had not paid for parking as I thought it was free after 5 pm. I couldn't even manage to speak, just squeaked and bolted out the door with napkin in hand and food in my mouth. All the charm I possibly could possess was mustered and believe it or not - he let me off the hook! Parking was payable till 6.30, so I ran in again and the kind waiters were offering me coins to put on the meter.
Lucky escape no 1!
borrowed from the web
The next day we decided to walk along The Backs and through King's College to look at the lovely daffodils and tourists. Even if we live in walking distance to town, my in-laws can't manage to walk too far so we drove and parked in a nearby road to the entry to the college from the Backs. It is a fairly long road, and we were parked about mid-way. We proceeded on foot in to town and my charm came to full force again when I manage to convince the kind guardsman to let me bring all three of my guests (University employees can normally bring 2 free guests).

Town was packed and we enjoyed Afternoon Tea at Harriet's. Tip: the portions are so generous - we ordered for 3 (even if we were 4) and even managed to bring home a small doggy bag as we just couldn't finish it all.

borrowed from the web
On the way back we leisurely walked over Garret Hostel Bridge on Burrel's Walk and looked at the people punting. We had been out for about 3 hours when we entered on to the street where I had parked the car. I suddenly noticed a couple examining the parking meter and saw to my horror that parking was payable ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. It being Sunday I thought parking was free and I had not paid anything... I then saw the dreaded sight of parking attendants making their way down from the other end of the street! Without a word to my family, I started running LIKE MAD towards our car which was mid way between me and the parking attendant.... Suddenly the hours spent in the gym came into force and I sped to the car, delighted to see they had not reached our car yet and just jumped in and drove down to the family who by now realised what had happened...
Lucky escape no 2!

So, lesson from this Easter: start paying attention to parking regulations and parking meters...!