Saturday, 10 July 2010

Antique shopping

We decided when we bought the flat in Edinburgh to try to furnish it with second hand and perhaps some antique furniture pieces.
It is great fun, but very tiring being on the prowl. 
The essential things are in place like sofa/beds/kitchen stuff - all new.
We are therefore now searching for the other little touches that makes it a home via charity shops and antique stores.
Trying to keep down costs is one issue, but mainly it is nice to see things being used again. 

We were fortunate when we got back to the charity shop yesterday as the little mahogany table we saw the day before was still there.
The Professor was still very sceptical and made me promise that we were not "married" to it. He has a hard time understanding I have a "vision" of what the flat should look like, so he insisted that it could go in the skip if he didn't like it...

"Yes, dear. (As if...!)"

We quickly got it in the taxi (great UK taxi's take a lot of stuff!) and brought it home. 
Needless to say, once in it's place, he fell head over heals in love with it and refused to let me paint it (pictures will come when I am back home as I didn't bring the converter with me).

We immediately went out and found a Tiffany style lamp from the shop with the best selection of lamps in this town, Jenners. It went great with the new table!

Today we have rummaged through the antique shops on the southern side of town. My God, there is a lot of rubbish, but also a lot of really nice places with gorgeous things.

We came across Bobby Clyde's place in Grange road with outstanding furniture and with the most reasonable prices ever. Prices are more fixed than other places we saw, but they were also so much lower so it just seemed more upfront and fair. I am not too good at haggling...We went home with a small bureau (skatoll) and it took over the place of the table bought yesterday.
However, it doesn't matter - the table fits nicely other places in the flat, too.
Particularly since The Professor loooves his table...;-) 

I will certainly make Bobby Clyde's a regular place to visit.
Many of the antique stores we have visited these last few days are full of rubbish and dust making it hard to see the gems. Bobby Clyde's place was also jam packed, but it was all nice and clean. It made such a difference. Apparently, his shop is being featured on BBC2 in the fall in one of the antique shows.


  1. Enig med deg, det gir en god følelse å kjøpe brukt. Noen ganger støtte en god sak og også komme bort fra kjøp og kast...

    Alle gjestesengene og litt annet på hytta har jeg kjøpt på Fretex og malt og er bare kjempefornøyd. Jeg måtte ta mange turer dit før jeg fant det jeg ville ha. Det får litt særpreg også på den måten og det er flott å blande litt gammelt med nytt..

    Jeg husker Edinburgh som en flott by. Jeg var der på skoletur våren 1977, men har ikke vært der siden.

    Ha en fin helg.

  2. Jasså så du er på skattejakt fortiden!
    Og jammen høres det ut som du finner skatter!
    Gleder meg til å se!

    God helg!

  3. Høres ut som en spennende skattejakt. Ser fram til bilder. ☺

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  5. Så morsomt at dere fant et bord som dere begge likte så godt! Gleder meg til å se bilder av det.

    Takk for tipset ang tapetet; de hadde ikke helt den samme som i bladet, men en som lignet veldig. Laura A sendte ikke til Norge (de hadde salg på den på nett og i UK) og kostet 500kr/rull i Norge(mot 120 på nett). Jeg var imidlertid så heldig å finne denne på ebay, så nå er den på tur hjem til mamma:)

    Ha en fin-fin kveld!