Monday, 5 July 2010

Shades of Green

After having spent the morning running around town like a headless chicken trying to remember all the things Our Boy will need for scout camp I decided to relax a little in the garden.
That didn't work as I started looking at all the plants needing pruning and attention.

But I am sooo easily distracted...

In addition to the various crops coming along nicely, I started noticing all the different shades of green in the garden and had to get my camera out :-)

The tomatoes are coming along nicely, I see.
Won't be long now till we can pick our own!

The size of the rhubarb leaves always amaze me!

Nah, that was enough effort in the heat...
better save some work for another day ;-)

1 comment:

  1. hey, my dear!
    you are sooo right - just rest a while (or some more) and go easy on the „chicken's" head… (haha)
    here, too, it's sooo hot you can't really do anything but sink into a tub well filled with icecold water… having fruity cocktails by the litre… chilling out…
    nonetheless - have a nice summer's day and always a fresh breeze around. best wishes, bernadette.