Thursday, 8 July 2010


I am up in Edinburgh with the Professor for a couple of days to add some more touches to the flat.
We have spent the day trawling around antique stores and charity shops.
The plan is to find some small side tables, lamps, a desk, a night stand, a console for the hallway etc.
Well, it hasn't gone quite to plan yet.
So far, we have only got a laundry basket and a printer (both of them new)...
But this is a longer term project - we will wait till we see the right thing before getting it.
There is no rush.

I did see a table I liked in the first charity shop we looked in. I think it will be great after a lick of paint...
However, as it was in the very first shop we went to, we didn't want to make any decisions before seeing what else is out there.
But I can't forget it, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it didn't sell today and will still be there in the morning ;-)
It was so cheap that even if my 'vision' for it doesn't work, it won't be a disaster if it is sent to the skip.

We also came across an antique shop that was a dream
(or a nightmare)
- jam packed of 'stuff' -
over several floors.
It was simply too much to take it all in in one visit.

It was rather overwhelming. But it gave us a couple of ideas for some individual pieces of furniture, but more thinking tonight and perhaps another visit in the morning again...

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  1. Have you made any decision yet? I bet the pickings are rich! Good luck!