Friday, 2 July 2010

End of school year!

Today is the last school day of the year for Our Boy
- hence the illustration of the empty bench taken in Dr Bass' garden with my mobile ;-).
Well done to Our Boy for a great year! I look forward to not hearing his alarm clock going off at 6 am when he has been getting up to revise for exams... I think he will be appreciating some lazy days at home before he is off on the scout camp in Wales for 10 days.

The Professor is also coming home tonight for a long weekend (yeah!). It looks like it will be a busy weekend as we are all going to my company's summer party tomorrow afternoon which will include punting and BBQ!

So very English... ;-)

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  1. Dette hørtes bra ut. Klar for en fin helg hos deg da. Kos deg masse og tusen takk for de fine kommentarene hos meg. Du gjør meg glad.