Saturday, 14 April 2012

Once Upon a Time....Baddesley Clinton

It felt like stepping into a fairy tale visiting another National Trust property - Baddesley Clinton (west of Stratford-upon-Avon)...

A medieval moated manor from the 15th century!

 The house used to be a haven for persecuted Catholics and so far three priest's holes have been found.

Again, it was a cold day, but our lovely, inspirational guide made history come alive!

Note the clock in the top left corner - it only has one hand... People didn't need to know time any more accurately than that in the old days...

It was so enjoyable walking around the house and imagining how it must have been living there. Cold, is the first thought that comes to mind. Although, there was a roaring fire in the main hall, it didn't give off much heat to the room...

Mmmm... we got hungry walking around the kitchen where they had laid out the common ingredients of the time.

But we had to leave the fairy tale place...
I would love to go again (on a warmer day)

But our explorations didn't stop there. My fellow travelers are the best travel companions you could wish for - always up for leaving the beaten track and exploring something new. It is so much fun and you never know what the day will bring.

So, it was typical when on the way back home again one of us spotted a sign that looked interesting and shouted
This looked too intriguing to rush past and we discovered Castle Ashby- just about an hour away from our home. The castle is not open to the public, but there are lovely gardens you can visit. As we arrived shortly before closing we didn't get to explore this estate in any great detail, but it will be on the list for another roadtrip!

So, this concludes my summary of this Easter's roadtrip.
I am already looking forward to next year's trip!


  1. Så utrolig fint dette var,
    skulle gjerne ha gått rundt og tittet der :O)

    God lørdag til deg,
    klem Fredrikke

  2. Guri malla så mye flott dere har opplevd og sett gjennom påskedagene....