Sunday, 29 April 2012

Replacement and New Creations

for some reason it doesn't look quite straight on the picture, but it is!
OK, I know we are hoping to do without scarves soon, but given how the weather has been here the last couple of weeks you would be forgiven for thinking we were on the other side of summer... 
 A few years ago I knitted a scarf out of eyelash yarn. I loved this scarf and was devastated when I lost it at work one day. I briefly forgot it in the common room one day and although I went back a few minutes later it was gone!
Imagine stealing a scarf!

So, I popped in to a craft shop when I was in Norway last weekend and got some new yarn. With 33 stitches, size 4 needles and just plain knitting it is such an easy project to do in front of TV or while listening to music so this is was done in a couple of evenings!
I don't mind if the weather improves and the scarf won't be needed for another 6 months though!

But as I also got new glasses (progressive glasses for the first time...!) this week I have taken advantage of being able to see small details and made some more bead bracelets out of beads I have had lying around for a long time.

Can you tell I love purple (and pearls)????



  1. Herlige smykker - og skjerf! Håper sommer'n kommer en tur over til deg også. Nyter så lenge den er her. Eller det er vel forsommer kanskje - eller vår? Men deilig i sola her i dag! Sender over noen varme grader jeg! ☼

  2. Så fine ting du har laget.... Perlearmbåndet var nydelig! Jeg er også veldig glad i perler og har to klassiske halskjeder i ekte vare. Jeg bruker dem ikke så ofte, synes jeg får en så veldig "voksen" look. Det du har laget virker mer anvendelig.