Thursday, 12 April 2012

To the Manor Born... Upton House

volunteers leaving at the end of the day
I have mentioned before the amazing National Trust which works hard to preserving many wonderful historic properties, gardens and villages around the country and keeping them open to the public. Many who work there are volunteers who don't get paid, but do it for their love of history and these wonderful properties. Wimpole Hall is as you may recall close to where we live and I go for walks in the grounds as often as I can.

Upton House, near Stratford-upon-Avon
 The National Trust (and English Heritage) do an amazing job restoring and preserving a lot of history and keeping them open for everyone to see, enjoy and learn from.

If you are a member of the National Trust you get in for free to most of their properties, but even if you don't take out a membership you can still visit the properties by paying an entrance fee.

I looove looking around the kitchens in these old properties
I recommend you check out their website if you are planning a trip to these green isles to see if there is a National Trust property close by to where you are going. You can even stay in some of their properties!
Remember, there is so much more to these islands than only London...!
(there are National Trust properties there, too)

Imagine what goodies have been conjoured up with the items...
I introduced our visitors to the National Trust last year and they immediately took out a subscription. Our trip to Stratford-upon-Avon would therefore not be complete without paying a visit to some of the National Trust properties in the area.

The table plan from the coronation of the present queen had been kept as a souvenir by the last owners
The first place we went to see was Upton House and Gardens, just outside Stratford-upon-Avon and all the pictures are from this lovely place. The weather did not lend itself to exploring the outdoors too much, but we all relished in the beautiful house which had been left as when Lord & Lady Bearsted - the last family at Upton House - lived in it.

"You rang, My Lady?"
The place with a definited 1930s-feel was donated to the National Trust along with a vast art collection and since the stipulation was that the house should be left as is without any ropes or restrictions like you find in a museum you almost feel like you are a guest in the house.

Next time, I will take you to a property with a real moat!


  1. Jeg skulle gjerne tatt turen over netopp for å oppleve alle de vakre byggene. Heldig som bor så nær.
    Fin dag til deg
    Klem Tove

  2. Fantastisk! Gleder meg allerede til neste tur du tar oss med på!

  3. England står høyt på lista. Har veldig lyst til å besøke både Oxford og Cambridge. Og York. Har vært i Bath et par ganger og det er jo helt fantastisk. Devon og Cornwall ble også utforsket for mange år siden på familietur. Men vi ser jo på Antiques Roadshow og tar absolutt en rundreise hos English heritage. Med en ukes rundreise sparer man kanskje inn medlemskapet også. Skal i alle fall sjekkes ut før man drar... når nå det blir :)

    1. Ja, jeg tror planlegging er tingen for a fa mest mulig ut av en slik tur. Elsker slike 'roadtrips'! Vaer obs pa at det er forskjell pa English Heritage eiendommer og National Trust eiendommer.

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  5. Elsker slike fantastiske bygg !

    Og i Enland kryr det jo av slikt...utrolig flott å se.

    JA, takk Mette, "ta oss gjerne med" på flere slike utflukter ;)

    god helg !!

  6. Tusen takk for omvisningen! Elsker slike gamle historiske bygninger.

    Ønsker deg en fin helg!