Sunday, 5 August 2012

Our Olympic Weekend

Thursday afternoon all three of us went off to London to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and for The Professor and Our Boy to go and watch the rowing finals at Eton Dorney.

We started off in Notting Hill browsing the rather empty shops. It was sooo quiet and so not like the London I tend to find too stressful.

It was rather peaceful looking in the shops...
Aren't these soap dishes beautiful? Too bad we don't really use soap bars in our house but instead liquid soap...

We stopped at Hummingbird bakery for a "small" taste, but tried to contain ourselves for dinner which we had in a Lebanese restaurant in Edgeware road . That is apparently were all the people were! It was really packed, but no wonder as the food was lovely and abundant!
We then headed to our hotel in Slough, chosen because it is close to Eton Dorney where the rowing was taking place early Friday morning. I can't really say anything about Slough since our hotel was right next to the train station (no noise, actually) so we didn't really see much of the place.
As I didn't have a ticket for the rowing, The Professor and Our Boy took off early in the morning while I enjoyed a leisurely lie-in before I took the train into London and spent 4 (!) hours in the Victoria and Albert museum. Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen some of the pictures I posted there. It was my first time at the V&A and I so enjoyed getting lost there. Amazing museum and building! I also discovered that exploring a museum is best done alone...!

The Olympic games have really taken over the country and there is little talk of anything else in our house. London was as I said very quiet. I think all the warnings about 1 million extra visitors a day had scared people off and the expected pandemonium led those that could to escape from town. It was evident that many shops had geared up with extra staff for a crowd that never reached them. However, I think the games will still be good business for the country long term and the tourists will come after the games.

I managed a quick trip to a bead store in Covent Garden before the guys called and said they were exhausted, happy and wanted to go home. So, I got on the tube to King's Cross train station where the troop reunited and they told me all about their adventures while we sat on the train back home.

And we all agreed it had been a great trip!

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  1. Når jeg er i London på jobb bor vi i Edgeware Road og det er alltid en mengde mennesker der og mange som sitter på kafé og røyker vannpipe.... Jeg har også vært på Victoria & Albert og det er et flott museum. Sist jeg var der så jeg utstillingen av dronning Mauds garderobe.

    Godt å høre at alle hadde fin tur og feiring av bryllupsdagen.