Monday, 3 September 2012

One Thing Leads to Another...

I am back again after my final two weeks of holidays for this year. Our holiday year runs from 1 October to 30 September, and I now only have one day left before our new holiday allowance starts.
I think we are very lucky - I get 33 working days off a year (plus public holidays).
A great perk!
So, the family holiday was spent in Venice in July and these last two weeks I have been potting around at home (love it!) and also visiting friends in Zurich.
One of my projects while home was to get the gate to our garden replaced. The old one was rather shabby looking and not very sturdy, so a new gate was aquired and painted while waiting for the man to install it. 
I was very pleased with the new gate, but once it was installed the rest of the fence looked really shabby and the color seemed faded and the algea at the bottom was really showing. So, more paint will now be bought and the rest of the fence will get a new lick of paint so it will all match.
Yes, that is what often happens...
you start touching one thing and it leads to more projects...


  1. Porten ser kjempefin ut!! Hyggelig fornyelse!! AnneK:-)

  2. Ja sånn er det ofte.....starter med en liten ting og så blir det et helt prosjekt. Porten den blei fin og det blir helt sikkert gjerdet også. Nydelig gråfarge.

  3. Ja, det er sant...begynner man på noe..fører det ofte til mer arbeid! :O)

  4. Vet akkurat hva du mener !!
    Ene fører til det andre...osv....osv

    Fin port, og nydelig farge - lykke til med maling av gjerdet :)

    Ciao ;)

  5. Lekkert lekkert!
    Finfin farge - delikat!

    Lykke til med maleprosjektet!

    Klem fra Tove