Thursday, 13 September 2012

Walking With A Good Friend

We had friends from Norway visiting last weekend. I forgot the camera so the pictures are taken with my phone and not very good. I find it hard to see what I am actually taking a picture of when using the phone. Well, better than nothing!
With glorious weather and temperatures close to 30 degrees we didn't spend much time indoors.
On our way to Grantchester we stumbled across a fair.

Some medieval fighting reenactment is often part of these events...
I think one was supposed to be Scottish and one was supposed to be English...
I have no idea who won...
But we left them fighting and continued on our way down to Wimpole Hall
And ended up by the Folly.
One of my favourite destinations!
It is not 30 degrees here anymore.
It was actually distinctly chilly this morning.
Might get a move one and make some fingerless mittens, I think!
Autumn is upon us!
I don't mind, actually!

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  1. Det er akkurat som når høsten kommer så liker vi den også med sin kjølige og ofte fuktige 30 grader...hadde ikke hatt noe imot det heller et par dager