Sunday, 7 April 2013

Has Spring Sprung...?

Dare we say that spring has finally sprung...?
While The Professor went to town with Our Boy to an appointment with the optician, I opted for a walk with my camera around my favourite spot - Wimpole Hall.

Wanna come with me...?

We had snow flurries in the air a couple of days ago. In APRIL!? Unheard of in these parts, but this year has not been like any other year. But today's walk was the first without gloves! Surely that must be a sign of spring?
You wouldn't believe how many people were there, but the area is so big that it is only in the car park you notice how many are actually there. But yes, also loads of sheep about. I saw some lambs in other parts of the estate, but on route to my destination (you see it in the distance), there were no lambs among these sheep.

I have written about Wimpole Hall several times before here on the blog - it is such a firm favourite of mine.
The day was a bit hazy, but the sun came out and with the quietness of the area it was so refreshing.
The swans were paired up, but I couldn't see any cygnets around. Perhaps too early, although I did see some other ducklings.
So gracious... but don't go too close!
So, the Easter holidays are coming to an end for me.
The days have been spent partially in Edinburgh where we cleaned the flat we were selling. The sale was completed on Thursday and the new owner has moved in. It is a little nostalgic to have sold the flat, but onwards and upwards and hopefully we find something nice for The Professor in Durham. For now we have rented him a house and we also spent some time there so Our Boy could see the place, too.
Well, back to 'normal' for me. Our Boy still has over a week left of holidays and is being studious and diligent and preparing for his upcoming exams. Another sign of spring is him going off on bike rides with a mate.

So, I think we can conclude - YES!
Spring has sprung!

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  1. Så utrolig nydelig turområde du boltrer deg i....og det ser egentlig litt gråbrunt ut hos deg også, men kanskje litt mere innslag av grønt enn hos oss...her er det i alle fall ikke noe teg til vår. Alt er gråbrunt. Nå skulle jordene her på Jæren vært pløyet opp og potetene i jorda og det skulle ha luktet kumø har heldigvis ikke snø da. Ang. Kommentargodkjennelse så ha jeg det på innlegg som er eldre enn en dag slik at jeg skal få med meg kommentarer som kommer på eldre innlegg. Jeg har ikke så mye problem med spamkommentarer, en i ny og ne. Jeg bruker kun Safari og iPad og vet ikke om det har noe med saken å gjøre