Friday, 29 October 2010


I have got my first award by the lovely Pafrika!
I am a Cherry on the Top ;-)! Thank you, Pafrika!
As I understand how these things go, the award comes with a responsibility.
This time it is to name 3 things I like to do, so here goes:

  • 1 - Cooking - not really a surprise when I look at the categories on this blog with the most entries... I have always loved to cook and have a substatial collection of cookery books - never seem to have enough! Fortunately, with a Tenage Boy (who never seems to get enough food but still just gets skinnier but taller - don't know how that works...;-) I have a very grateful recipient of my culinary experiements.
  • 2 - I love being a mother. Yes, yes, we all love our children, but I love the whole experience even though I will be the first to admit I don't get it right all the time... and yes, it can be trying on your patience... But seriously, I can't remember my life before I became a mother and I am really grateful for this "role" in my life. Perhaps this lack of memory is a little worrying ... ;-)?
  • 3 - For the third point I will put something less "noble" and with the fear of seeming greedy I will actually throw in several things I love to do:
    • meeting up with friends - whether for a quick coffee, a meal or just a chat
    • yoga - my new passion which makes me feel soooo good 
    • reading - there is nothing like curling up with a good book
    • travelling - still so many places to see!
    • crafts - very gratifying when it works
    • listening to good radio programs while cooking - I always have the radio on when in the kitchen
    • cuddling with The Cat - yes, some would think he is my second child ;-)
    • walking in the country side - it is great to have such a lovely area for walking with the pub at the end of the path ;-)
And then the awards comes with the condition that I show something nice. I have chosen these pictures of the gladioli I picked up to brighten the weekend as they remind me of my bestest friend who had gladioli at her wedding all those years ago
(The Cat was very curious to what I was up too and insisted on joinging the picture):

I am also to pass the award on to 5 other blogs. This is the REAL challenge as there are so many lovely, deserving and creative blogs out there. I was tempted to say "none mentioned, none forgotten", but since this is my first award I think I should be more specific.
So, although many have already received this award, I have not checked if any of them have already received this award, but I would still like to promote

Hvit Stil - simply because this was the first blog I started reading and she inspired me to start my own blog as well as many of my projects. Just wish I had some of her energy...!
Fru Tunheim - started blogging around the same time as me and has a lovely way of using few words to say a lot
Hverdagsthing - because she has such a nice mix of interesting entries and pictures
Mannes hverdag - because she is so creative and I feel a little bit closer to home in her blog and I love it when she uses our local dialect in her entries ;-)
GO Photo - because she takes such lovely creative pictures and really inspires me to want to learn more about photography

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  1. Tusen takk for awarden...Veldig snillt av deg å tenke på meg. Skal se om jeg får mannet meg opp til å sende den videre, det er jeg ikke alltid like god på. Som jeg sa i et tidligere innlegg liker jeg å betrakte andre, men er ikke like flink når jeg må gjøre en innsats selv...Igjen tusen tusen takk.

    Ha en fortryllende helg.