Thursday, 26 February 2015

Restaurant Review: Pierino, South Kensington

picture borrowed from the web
I had a business meeting in London yesterday. It doesn't happen very often, but a couple of times a year I go to London to discuss investments and money with the company's trustees. Sounds important, doesn't it..?!
The more fun part of these London trips is when I can meet up with The Student to have a nice catch-up and dinner! I went to meet him close to his halls of residence and he took me to one of his favourite local Italian restaurants - Pierino (37 Thurloe Place, London SW7 2HP) - for dinner. I thought I would mention this as a useful tip as the restaurant is by South Kensington tube station and just around the corner from all the lovely (free) science museums in London. Not that London lacks places to eat, but this was a very successful visit.
We shared a duo of bruschetta for starters and then for main course we both had "Pappardelle Machiavelli" which was "home made princess pasta with smoked salmon and fresh spinach in a cream and white wine sauce". The starter was fine, but the main course was truly one of the very best pasta dishes I have ever tasted. The pasta was amazingly fresh and I gather that princess pasta is long flat strand of pasta - a bit like if you were to cut up a sheet of lasagne plates. The flavour was intense with the right amount of salmon and spinach and without too much white wine sauce which often tends to drown the dish. It was so lovely, but left no room for dessert...
 I am afraid I didn't take any pictures, but I will certainly be back.
We both drank fizzy water and the bill came to just over £30 for the both of us.
You can't complain about that for a truly gorgeous meal.
So, in short - a highly recommended place!


  1. Det hørtes bra ut. Må merke meg den restauranten til kommende Londonturer.

  2. Tusen takk for tipset. Det skal jeg huske på. Jeg bor nesten alltid i Kensington når jeg er i London og liker å spise i området. Jeg liker meg godt på Park International Hotel i Cromwell road. For £30 får man hovedrett for en person i Norge.

  3. Sounds lovely! I remember an all-you-can eat Asian place called Paper Tiger around there ... and of course the Polish cafe. Are they still there?