Monday, 16 March 2015

Facebook, Birthdays, Childhood Logic and Numbers

One of the aspects of "being on" Facebook is that 'suddenly' you know when (most) of your friends' and relatives' birthdays are. Don't get me wrong - I think it is very nice to receive congratulations from near and not so near friends - whether in person or on FB.
But I have noticed that some days of the year many of my friends/family/acquaintances have joint birthdays:
For instance today - I know 4 people with birthdays (ok, it includes a set of twins)
On 19 May there are 3 sharing the same birthday
13 October there are another 3
24 October there are 4 with joint day
5 December there are 4

October, December and March seem to be the month when most of my friends on FB are born. Our own immediate family's birthdays don't fall into any of these months, but are spread out over the year. Another 'birthday anomaly' is for instance my in-laws' birthdays which are one day after the other  - that is a bit unusual, I'd say.
When I was little, I had this idea that the oldest child in the family 'chose' the date of all the future siblings' birthdays because my sister and I are born on the same day of the month (not the same month). When I noticed that this was not the case in some (most!) families - I made the 'logical' explanation in my mind that they probably were half siblings, ie they probably did not have the same mum or dad... Well, imagine all the questions THAT could spark off if this was indeed the case...!
Do you have months in the year with many birthdays in your family?
In any case - Happy Birthday to those celebrating today!


  1. Jeg har aldri tenkt over den problemstillingen før med opphoping av fødselsdager...det eneste morsomme jeg kommer på ang. datoer er min eldste datter, som sikkert var 17-18 år da, kom hjem skikkelig oppglødd for hun hadde nettopp oppdaget at 17.mai var en dato...ha,ha.

    Ha en fin mandagskveld.

    1. Hahaha... ja, jeg kjenner til og med to personer som har bursdag den datoen!

  2. I vår familie topper det seg med bursdager i desember
    Ellers er vi godt spredt utover månedene =)