Saturday, 28 August 2010

August Bank Holiday Weekend

The Bank Holiday weekend in a way marks the end of summer.

Public holidays here in the UK are called Bank Holidays. The background for this stems from when the first legislation relating to bank holidays was passed in 1871 when Liberal Politician and Banker, Sir John Lubbock introduced the Bank Holidays Act 1871 which specified the public holidays. Sir John was an enthusiastic supporter of cricket and was firmly of the belief that bank employees should have the opportunity to participate in and attend matches when they were scheduled. Included in the dates of bank holidays are therefore dates when cricket games were traditionally played between the villages in the region where Sir John was raised.The English people were so thankful that they called the first Bank Holidays 'St. Lubbock's Days' for a while.

So, for most people we have a three day weekend with Monday off and I for one does not give a cat's whiskers about cricket!
This public holiday is always on the last Monday of August so it makes it easy to plan if you want to do something special.

Although the sun is shining I am more in the mood for preparing for the year ahead!
Since end of June we have also been without a cleaner as Our Boy decided this would be a good way for him to earn some money!
To be fair, he does a good job, but there are always extra things I want done that isn't on the agreed list...
Actually, I find I am kind of enjoying cleaning the house - very gratifying when it is done and you KNOW that it has been done right!

Hmmmm.... I NEVER thought I would say that...


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