Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Friends by Chance

Some years ago we decided to rent out the house when we were going away for 6 weeks.
We have great neighbours who would gladly look after the house, but it still felt a little awkward leaving the house empty for a long period so we decided to look for somebody needing short term let.

Luck had it that a Spanish family with a girl a year younger than Our Boy was looking for a house in our town for the summer! 
They took excellent care of our house (I fear the house was even cleaner when they left than when they moved in...!). This arrangement repeated itself the next two summers even if our holidays were of a much shorter period then. By then the Spanish family also had a new member in their little son and also agreed to look after The Cat who had joined our family.

The last few years this arrangement has not worked as our holidays have not coincided. Also, the Spanish family decided to bring their caravan with them through Europe and found that being on a campsite was much more sociable than being in a suburban house.

But we have become firm friends.
They come to England every summer to ensure the children learn English and we all enjoy meeting up and getting together!

Last night we all went out with another mutual friend of ours and had a lovely meal in our local pub.

As usual they had brought generous edible gifts from Spain!

It was great seeing them and
we already look forward to seeing them again next year!


  1. Herlig historie. Jammen er det tilfeldighetene som rår.. Kjempekos at dere har holdt kontakten og vil fortsette med det.

    Forteller masse om både dere og dem, et sånt vennskap krever varme og åpne mennesker -og det er jeg hellig overbevist om at dere er.. :)

    Ønsker det koselige dager med de spanske vennene!

    Klem fra Tove

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  3. We met our Swedish friends on a campsite in Sweden (or rather our children met their children in the playground there) some 30 years ago. We have been very good friends since, visiting each other, or meeting up when we are in Scandinavia.
    You never know where a chance meeting takes you!