Friday, 6 August 2010

Recommended viewing: "Inception"

We have this week been enjoying my second cousin and his beautiful daughters visiting from Norway.
In addition to seeing Shakespeare's play "Henry V" while picnicing in King's College Gardens, walking along the river, sightseeing, visiting London, a lot of talking and a LOT of shopping, we all went to the movies last night. We saw the latest film directed by Christopher Nolan: Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio. 
It was great watching it and discussing it with my cousin's oldest daughter who is studying to be the world's next great movie director (!) and therefore has more than a keen interest in film.
I realise there are so many films I still have not seen...

We all loved this particular film.
It is a phsychological thriller, very intense and it really challenges you to keep up with the story. If you need a toilet break - forget it. You will loose the plot.
I was rather exhausted after this "ride", but enjoyed it a lot.Very different to any film I have seen before.

Go and see it!


  1. Takk for filmtips.Høres ut som om dere koser dere med besøk.Ønsker deg en flott helg

  2. Off to see that with my Hubby, looks good..x