Thursday, 19 August 2010


Since we live abroad, it is very important to me that Our Boy learns as much as possible about his two countries, Norway and Iran.
I therefore take him to Norway every summer to show him more of my country so he can learn about his roots, understand the family history and improve his Norwegian.

I made the fatal mistake of forgetting my camera at home, so these are either taken by kind friends or with my mobile..

Internet/Facebook and this blog has made it easy to reconnect with a lot of relatives, but I think Our Boy is somewhat overwhelmed by all the relatives that keep "popping up" ;-)
And, we still haven't been to Finnmark to THAT part of the family... ;-)

Last week Our Boy and I went on this year's trip which among other things included a very leisurely 12 hr boat trip from Halden to Stromstad (in Sweden) as well as to several of the Hvaler islands. Great to see my childhood summer paradise again! We also managed to squeeze in a visit to friends and family in Sandefjord, Oslo and Halden. 

Our Boy also had the good fortune of being invited by our friends to their cabin near Gol for a few days to go biking and hiking in the mountains with their two sons. The boys went on a 9 hour bikeride/hike alone in the mountains and just LOVED it.

The hike was so successful that the three of them are talking about biking "Rallarvegen" (The Navvies' Road) next year.

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