Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tip: Useful Digital Photography Website

Photography is my new passion and a hobby I really enjoy trying to express myself with. I am not particularly good, but I am willing to learn! As you might recall, I went on a course a couple of weeks ago and I also follow some very inspirational blogs (see my blogroll on the right hand side)

I have also signed up to get regular emails from Digital Photography School. They offer useful tips and hints on how to improve. There is always something interesting to read there and they have a useful library over tips and tutorials to browse through.

All for free!


  1. That't looks like a great site - I am signing up :-) I keep wanting to learn more about how to take good pictures and how to use my camera properly, but there never seems to be enough time. And if I leave it for too long I always forget what I learned last time so have to start again figuring out all those things like iso and stuff :-) Looking forward to seeing your pics!

  2. Ser ut som en super website!
    Ønsker deg en fin helg!
    PS. er par fit flops har stått på min ønskeliste en stund, i like! Er du fornøyd med dine?