Friday, 10 June 2011

The Issue with Time and Clocks

In our house we have many clocks: 
There are two in the kitchen - one on the microwave oven and one on the stove.
In the living room there is only one on the aerial box under the television
In my bedroom I have a radio alarm clock 
I have a clock in the bathroom and 
another one in the shower room.

In addition to these, there is of course a clock on each of the computers and also on all our mobile phones.

Most of them are under 'my control' - meaning that I set them (except for the computers and the mobile phones). 

To my amusement and amazement I have discovered that I have adopted my mother's attitude to time and clocks: 
When I grew up there were a lot of clocks around the house. 
And just like my clocks now - not one of them showed the same time 
NOR the correct time!
On purpose!

This is making The Professor slightly frustrated... 
He doesn't understand that I KNOW how much each and every one of them is ahead of REAL time. 

My mother did the same. 
All the clocks in the house were set forward with varied minutes of inaccuracy. 
It used to drive me mad. 

Now I do the same. 

Figure that one out!


  1. Er det ikke et gammelt ordtak som sier, "Som mor, så datter" eller noe slik....

  2. Her må jeg nok holde med professoren og erklære deg som litt rar og sær, he he. Ha en fin helg.

  3. HERLIG!!! :)

    Er det ikke rart hvordan man etterhvert adopterer egenskaper fra foreldrene våre som vi tidligere fant frustrerende og irriterende.

    Ha en suuuuper pinse!

    Klem fra Tove

  4. That's so funny! I always keep the main clock I watch (on the stove in the kitchen) about 10 minutes fast – as in my car – just like my grandmother did. My initial reaction is always "we're late" and after I've sped up, I am able to remind myself that I've got time. It works! :o)

  5. Eplet faller ikke langt fra stammen? Og hva skulle vi gjort uten klokker?

    Ps ta med deg sol og sommer når du kommer - den dagen var bare et glimt..

  6. I am also turning into my mother... iiik! ;-)

  7. Bare innom for å ønske deg en flott morgendag og snart helg!

    Klem fra Tove

  8. Hoho, kan godt forstå professoren blir frustrert :o)

  9. Hi, hi, høres kjent ut, synes jeg. :)

    Ønsker deg en deilig helg!