Saturday, 27 August 2011

A Different Life...

French delicacies...

We are back from two lovely weeks in the South of France. It was 'just what the doctor ordered' - warm and relaxing with lots of time for each other. With a family divided over two homes we all enjoyed being with each other, eating the most amazing food, talking, laughing, discussing, and being silent.

We stayed in a very nice and comfortable, albeit small flat between Juan-Les-Pins and Antibes. 
I love this area although with my typically Scandinavian fair and freckly complexion I can't spend too much time on the beach (my two men don't 'suffer' from the same 'condition'). So, in between lazy days on the beach we did a fair bit of travelling along the coast. We knew from last years experience that the train system is excellent and very affordable, so we had decided to do without a hire car. 

Street view in Monaco. Such lovely decor on the houses!
Our first day trip went to Monaco. 

Although it seems that Albert and Charlene had 'forgotten' to invite us to the wedding earlier this summer, we are not ones to hold grudges, 
so we dropped in while we were in the neighbourhood anyway. 


All three of us have been to Monaco before, but never together. I was there 22 years ago and it was different than I remembered. It was much more crowded and every inch of the small place has been built up. It is lovely there, but I prefer many other places on the Riviera to Monaco. 
Too flashy and too crowded for me. 

In the square outside the palace next to the souvenir shops I saw the sign for an antique shop with the owner's surname being unmistakably Norwegian... 

Norwegians get around!

I still have some more days off, but various projects at home are now on the cards!
Yes, the holiday sure shows a different life...


  1. Høres ut som dere har hatt noen fantastiske dager =}

    Håper lørdagen blir super!


  2. It looks like you had a lovely time, Mette! We too have been blessed with lots of sun and heat (and humidity) but regrettably there weren't any beautiful beaches to go along with it ... Let's chat soon!

  3. Det høres ut som den perfekte ferie! Nydelige omgivelsen, sol, varme og deilig mat :)

    Kos med kombinasjon av litt farting og late soldager! Fiiin måte å lade batteriene.

    Ha en skjønn lørdagskveld!

    Klemmer fra Tove

  4. Hei!! Det hørtes ut som en deilig ferie...... God helg!! AnneK:-)

  5. Det ser veldig herlig ut! Fristende med en tur nå som høstværet starter...

  6. Så kjekt at dere fikk to uker sammen hele familien og i de vakre omgivelsene....Sånn skal ferie være. Det er noe av det jeg savner, å være sammen med begge jentene på tur sammen. Men, det skal vi i London i november.

  7. I love France..så deilig ut:)
    God søndag!!

  8. Det hørtes skikkelig herlig ut!! Nå fikk jeg skikkelig lyst på en fransk ferie - men får vel nøye meg med 2 dager i Berlin med jobben i september - grunnet oppussing har det blitt heller labert med ferie på oss i år:/ Men, men, vår tid kommer igjen;)