Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Getting Ready

A new school year starts this coming Monday and I spent a good part of today with Our Boy running from shop to shop to kit him out for school. This year is the last year he has to wear the compulsory school uniform and in my naivety I thought perhaps his old school uniform would last another year. However, somehow the blazer and trousers from just 8 weeks ago have mysteriously 'shrunk' in the closet. It was really comical watching him put them on this morning as it looked like they belonged to somebody else! 
There was just no way he could use them any more. 
Amazing how much teenage boys can grow in a summer...

So, like hundreds of other parents (read: mothers) we actually got a new blazer, school trousers and sweaters plus new pens despite finding out that the shop that always carries the uniform has stopped doing it and referred us to their website. Hello! Buying clothes for growing kids involves trying on various sizes! Shopping online only works when you have tried and KNOW for sure which size you need. 

I was not amused and will let the school know as they never informed us about this change! At least not as far as I remember (hmmm... could there be an email I have missed...?).

Pens are always a challenge for Our Boy as he is left handed and most pens will smear as he writes. He has found one type that doesn't and fortunately they were in stock. 

Another tick off the list!

Talking of being left handed: I once read that it is NOT hereditary. 
I wonder about that since we have three generations of left handed men: 
my father-in-law, 
The Professor and 
Our Boy. 
And it is not hereditary...?

The day was a battle, 
hence the illustration (yep, from Monaco) above.


PS: Just to clarify - nobody got hurt in the 'battle' today and I am still on speaking terms with all the shop assistants...



  1. Blir litt forberedelser og nykjøp før skolestart. 8 uker gjør mye i den alderen :)

    Godt dere er i mål - God skolestart!

    Ha en flott morgendag!

    Klem fra Tove

  2. He, he.....jeg kan se det for meg!! Folk i den alderen kan man "se" gro!! Skoleuniform er på en måte praktisk også, da trenger han ikke bekyrmre seg over hva han skal ha på idag......Jeg har bare 2 års erfaring med skoleuniform, men jeg så mange individuelle måter å ha den på, blandt de største barna. Min lille så utrolig søt ut i sitt rutete skjørt og knestrømper..... Sukk, det er noen år siden.... Ha en fin dag!! Lykke til med skolestarten!! AnneK:-)