Monday, 17 October 2011

Doing Your Duty

On Friday and Saturday was the election of the new Chancellor of the University.
The Duke of Edinburgh, Prins Philip had earlier this year decided to step down. I guess at the age of 90 he felt the need to scale back on his commitments. He has been the Chancellor since 1976, so this is not an everyday election!

Only members of the Senate House can vote. The Senate House comprises all graduates of the University who have taken the Cambridge MA or any other Cambridge Masters Degree a Cambridge Doctorate, or the Cambridge BD Degree plus all current members of the Regent House regardless of degrees held.

There were four candidates:
Mr. Abdul Arain
Mr. Brian Blessed
Mr Michael Mansfield QC
Lord Sainsbury of Turville

Another rule is that all members must wear gowns in the Senate House.

The in-laws and I went to town with The Professor who did his duty while we did some people watching while waiting for him!

Good luck to winner, The Lord Sainsbury of Turville.


  1. Interessante og anderledes ting du får bli med på....langt borte fra min hverdag.

    Ha en flott dag.