Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mixing Business and Pleasure

Our Boy and I had to go to London yesterday to take care of some paper business. We combined it with a day out in London as this was his last day of the half term holidays.
It was such a beautiful day and we walked from Kensington to the Portobello road market. A lovely area I wouldn't mind living in... But so many temptations! I didn't buy ANYTHING - simply because I couldn't face carrying it with me all day.
As always lots and lots to see in the market. Need a new hook, door knob or tiles, anyone?
We had to visit the Hummingbird bakery where we enjoyed...

a raspberry-brownie-cheesecake and a red-velvet-cake. A very busy place with just a few stools to sit on!
Their cakes are just as amazing as they are reputed to be.
So, so, so yummy and incredibly moist! 
I really must try to bake that red velvet cake one day...
The slices were enormous! 
But we didn't leave a crumb...
I wanted to look at boots at DUO (I recommend you click on the link and check them out if you have problems finding the right sized boots) which offer fitted boots for almost any sized calf or foot width. But when I discovered it would take more than 30 mins to be served I left it. They don't have a shop in our town, but I think I will have to take my chances and measure myself and order on-line. 
I really am not the most patient shopper.

We caught the 7.15 pm train back to Our Peaceful Corner of England 
- completely exhausted! 


  1. I love to browse and shop in those quaint little shoppes! Lots to look at. Top it off with a sweet treat, mmmm. Delectable.

  2. Hørtes ut som en koselig Londontur selv om det ofte blir litt mye mas med mennesker, trafikk og støy....

    Er usikker på om jeg hadde våget å kjøpe sko på nettet når jeg ikke har prøvd dem først.

  3. Koselige med slike byturer.
    Gjør alltid litt mer ut av det når vi har avtaler i byen jeg også...

    (og jeg blir alltid sliten etter en bytur..hehe)

    DUO boots har en norsk side også! =)

  4. Gøy å gå sånn og bare se på alt det spennende. Trenger ikke handle egentlig.

  5. ÅH!!! DUO?! Har aldri hørt om dem, men har kjempeproblemer med å finne støvletter til mine store føtter og tjukke legger! Håper det blir en Englands-tur i løpet av høsten! Da skal jeg jammen sjekke ut dette! (Kan ikke kjøpe på nett for jeg har så brede føtter at jeg er nødt til å prøve dem)