Saturday, 1 October 2011

29.2 degrees...

Indian summer....

We had 29.2 degrees on the last day of September! 
After a marvellous spring and rather sad summer the heat decide to visit us again. Feels strange as it definitely LOOKS autumnal, but it doesn't correspond to the feeling! 
The picture was taken at 8 am this morning.
 I just love the way the sun comes through the trees! Another scorching day in store, I think!

I took the in-laws by train to Peterborough yesterday to put them on a direct train to Edinburgh as they are up there visiting The Professor for a few days. They are really brave, I think. It isn't easy travelling around when you don't speak much English! On our way to Peterborough we were so lucky to meet this lovely English lady who was going the same way and she promised me to keep an eye on them! All went well and they were so excited when I spoke with them on Skype last night.

Today Our Boy and I are off to London to look at a new bike for him... 
You would think there are enough bikes in our town, but NO this is apparently a SPECIAL bike...

Lucky he has a mum with a big car and willing to drive to London


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  1. Herlig vær her også! Over 20 grader, og nå snakker jeg om NORGE, vet du! Vi koser oss så, men ser litt rare ut, her vi sitter med åpen, måpende munn alle sammen. Sånt vær hadde vi ikke ventet. Blomstene i hagen koser seg så, og blomstrer og blomstrer.
    God helg til deg. Moro å høre om togturen. Briter er hjelpsomme og hyggelige!!

  2. Wow! You've got nicer weather than we have here! Here it's miserable and very "English" :o) Good luck looking for a bicycle, I'm sure the selection will be better in London. J is off to a robotics brainstorming session today (!) and C is off to riding shortly ... and then I think M & I are off for dinner entre nous tonight! What fun!

  3. Jammen modig du som våger å kjøre bil i London, skrekk og gru sier jeg. Håper dere fant rette sykkelen. Jeg skal en tur til London på onsdag og gleder meg til det. Håper at go`været holder seg.

  4. Ahh ja - er det ikke fantastisk - 01. oktober og fortsatt sommer :)

    Håper det ble ny sykkel på sønnen :)

    Nyt en deilig søndag!

    Klem fra Tove