Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Passing Strangers...

I was walking in my own thoughts the other day.
It was a beautiful sunny day and I had just been to a meeting with a colleague and was on my way back to my office - which is in another building from 'the mother ship'. I was thinking about boring work issues and not really paying attention to anything or anyone around me.

As I neared my office building a man coming towards me suddenly lent over to me and
whispered seductively as we passed each other

'have you missed me'...?

And then he carried on walking in the opposite direction of me.
As I said, I was completely in my own world and it took a few seconds before I comprehended that he had spoken to me and what he had actually said. I stopped dead in my tracks and spun around to see who it was, but by then he had disappeared in the crowd of people walking in the sunshine.
There was no point trying to run after him to see who it was as I couldn't for the life of me remember what he looked like.

I started laughing.

I guess I would have had a very different reaction if it had been in the evening in a dark street, but in broad daylight on a busy street it just seemed funny.
It gave me the giggles like a teenage girl.
And no, I can't really say I have missed anyone except perhaps my own Professor who was not in town. 


I  am 100% sure it was neither him nor
picture borrowed from the internet

gorgeous George.

There is also the possibility that perhaps the man was talking on the phone...?



  1. A great story! :>
    I prefer to think that this was a man who saw your face, and thought you needed to lighten up a bit. I know there are people like that. I had a collegue like that, and he made our working days much brighter.

  2. Så morsomt...*ler*...
    (men enig med deg at det ikke hadde vært fult så morro sent på kvelden i en mørk gate)

    Ha en din onsdag,
    klem Fredrikke :O)

  3. Hei!! Morsom historie!! Han gav det noe å tenke på den dagen...... Ha det fint!! AnneK:-)

  4. Festlig! Og apropos Clooney.. du har fått med deg den DNB-reklamen antar jeg?? :)

  5. Vel, siden du ikke så hvem det var så KUNNE det jo ha vært Clooney, ikke sant. Så da kan vi jo tro at det var ham og at han nå ligger søvnløs og tenker på deg. Tanken er jo ---------- ok. ;)

  6. Ha,ha...artig historie. Hadde det vært selveste George, ja da hadde nok jeg besvimt i alle fall.....det kan jo ha vært ham, du så jo ikke hvem det var ;o)

  7. Hahaha..
    Ja, det var en funny story!
    En solskinnsdag! =)

    Ellers må jeg si meg enig med Fruen over her..
    Det kunne jo vært George! =)
    You never know!