Monday, 21 November 2011

My Day!

This weekend we celebrated 

Yes, it was my birthday and I think I must have been good this last year as the sun shone and I got lots of attention from my men as well as friends and family.

My boys woke me in true traditional style with coffee, cake and presents in bed and then took me out to a Christmas Fair at Wimpole Hall where we also enjoyed a simple lunch.

The afternoon was spent relaxing at home and talking with friends. No big celebration this year, just nice to be together as we don't get too much of that these days.

I have to show these:
Above are pictures of the fabulous glasses I got from The Ladies Who Dine.
The series is just so MAD - I simply love them!


While we are on this drinking theme - some other lovely friends took me out for lunch on Friday and we celebrated with the most lovely Prosecco called La Delfina.
It was such a surprise!
I wasn't planning on having any (had to work in the afternoon), but I threw caution to the wind and I did not regret it. I don't know if it was the occassion, the ambiance or the fact that this was simply a really great Prosecco!
I looked it up and it is available from various wine merchants. 

This is absolutely my new favourite 'bubbly'!

Will certainly get some bottles for the upcoming festive season!


  1. Gratulerer med overstått! Høres ut som du hadde en veldig koselig helg, og det glasset var FINT!!

  2. Gratulerer så mye med vel overstått!Høres ut som du hadde en fin helg! Og gratulerer med ny overmadrass. Jeg har tempur-pute og kan ikke leve uten, men jeg er redd for at en madrass vil bli veldig varm. Den magasinerer varme og om sommeren kan det bli ganske ubehagelig med en pute som ikke kan snus for å få litt kjøling. Men har ikke testet, altså :)

  3. Hei Mette og gratulerer så mye med vel overstått!!! Høres ut som du har hatt en KJEMPEFIN helg!!!

    Ønsker deg og dine en flott uke!!!


  4. Gratulerer med vel overstått bursdag....høres ut som du har hatt en deilig feiring og helt sikkert vel

    Ha en fin dag.

  5. Gratulerer så mye med dagen som var! =)
    For en feiring! Kjempe morsomt! =)
    Hipp hipp hurra!!!


  6. Gratulerer!!! Høres ut som du har hatt en superhyggelig feiring.