Thursday, 10 November 2011

Making the Right Choice...?

picture borrowed from the world wide web
We are in the midst of making the rounds to the various 6th form schools with Our Boy.
Next year he will be starting 6th form and only be two years away from going to University!
What happened to the years...?

He spent primary school at a state school,
while he has been receiving his secondary education at a private school.
Now comes the third 'phase' called '6th form' and this is the last two years before going into higher education. Fortunately, he knows which subjects he wants to focus on at 6th Form, so at least the direction of future studies is clear.

Our dilemma is that although he could stay at his current private school there is also an excellent state funded school in our town.

So, what to do?

Do we stay with the school and teachers we know and 'not rock the boat', but pay school fees
take a chance on a school that has a very good reputation, but also higher number of students in each class and less pastoral care?

Not easy when we can't apply our own experiences since none of us were brought up in this school system.

Ah, the worries we have over the choices we make for our kids.

Next week is the last meeting and we will have to reach some conclusion.

In the meantime, he is taking to the stage this weekend in a theatre production of "Travel Club and Boy Soldier" by Wole Soyinka.
Poor thing - he might feel a little apprehensive as several family members will be in the audience - in addition to us, his grandparents and his great aunt from Sweden will be watching...

Break a leg!



  1. Skolevalg er jammen ikke enkelt og enkelt ser det ikke ut for at det skal bli for barna våre fremover heller, med arbeidsledighet og urolige tider i Europa. Da er det i alle fall viktig med god og solid utdannelse. Valgets kval....

    Nå gleder vi oss til London i morgen og koffertene er i ferd med å bli pakket.

  2. Det er vanskelige valg som skal tas, og ikke minst viktige valg!

    Lykke til!

    Nyt uka, jammen er det ikke nesten helg igjen..

    Klem fra Tove

  3. Beklager, her melder jeg pass, har ingen gode råd å tilby. Et vanskelig valg, glad det ikke er meg som grubler. Lykke til.

  4. kult at du meldte på bloggen! Gleder meg il å lese mer;)mvh renate