Monday, 1 October 2012

A New Era...

This weekend we had a farewell party for our boss who retired as director for our research group. It was a nice event where we had invited everybody we have worked with these 11 years this group has excisted. Not everybody could come, some are now as far afield as New Zealand, Australia or China, but we ended up with a good selection of people from the various years and projects. It was fun and almost a bit nostalgic seeing them all again!
The evening went very fast and as usual, I ended up feeling I did not get a chance to speak with all... Well, perhaps some other time, I hope!
So, while we wait for our new director to join us in the spring you could be mistaken for thinking those of us still here would be like the mice in the Norwegian saying:
Når katten er ute, så danser musene på bordet...
(When the cat is out, the mice dance on the table)
Surely not!
It is just a picture I used for illustrating this 'cheeky' post...
Also, 1 October today...!
Incredibly how dark it was this morning!
It was still pitch black when I woke at 6.30am. I had to turn the lights on before I got out of bed..
That was a first this fall...
PS: we have a board to answer to... just in case anybody got worried!


  1. Hei!! Jeg vet hvor viktig det er med gode kollegaer!! Vi trengte ikke vente lengre enn til i går med den fantastiske serien Downton Abbey!!
    Den er så fantastisk laga!! Og jeg husker så godt hun som spiller moren fra Der Elvane Møtast, eller over alle hauger som vi kalte den...... Gleder meg til søndag!! AnneK:-)

  2. Så hyggelig med treff med gamle kollegaer.... Og håper det er en hyggelig ny sjef som dukker opp til våren. Som Quiltefia sier så gledet jeg meg i hele går til Downton Abbey....Love it !!!!!!