Friday, 26 October 2012

Festival of Ideas

Last night I went after work with a couple of friends to one of the talks at the Univsity's annual Festival of Ideas . You can sign up for some of the talks, but many of them are drop-in sessions. 
This talk focused on how linguists and regular people use analytical tricks to unlock the secrets of language: focusing on identifying a speaker's gender, race, region and age. 
Very interesting!
Even after all these years here I marvel over the privilege it is to have such offers on our doorstep.
Next week is half term here and there is a wealth of activities and talks - also for children!


  1. Heldige dere, kunne godt tenkt meg å vært der. God helg.

  2. Det skjønner jeg godt! Interessante tema og fint med også litt åndelig påfyll :)

    Nyt helgen!

    Klem fra Tove