Monday, 15 October 2012

Weekend Summary and Welcome to the World!

doesn't happen often that we can't finish off a SHARED dessert...!
And we are back to Monday after an eventful weekend...!
After dropping Our Boy off at a party, the Professor and I kicked off the weekend with a visit to the restaurant in the hotel The Cross Keys in Saffron Walden on Friday evening. Lovely place (Elizabethan building going back 850 years!) with great atmosphere, amazing food and also the possibility of spending the night as they offer 6 rooms. Really worth a visit (check out the link)! Obviously a very popular place as it was packed and we were just lucky to get a table.
On Saturday Our Boy went to his weekend job stacking shelves in a nearby supermarket. His shift is  every Saturday evening from 5 pm till 11 pm. Fortunately, most of his social life happens on Fridays and his still manages to have a proper lie-in on both Saturday and Sunday and to finish off home-work, so win-win!
I also managed to go through my wardrobe this weekend and had a much needed clean-up and packed away the summer clothes. 5 big bags of old clothes are going to the recycling bins! There was so much I had not worn for years and it became clear that I would never wear them again as I seem to have shrunk (nice bonus ☺).
It feels good to free up the space particularly when thinking of possibly refurbishing the bedroom this fall. No need to keep things that just take up space and is never in use!

The weekend was rounded off with a good dose of Downton Abbey. I won't spoil it for those who have not seen this episode, but I will just say my eyes were still puffy this morning from all the crying last night...
 But the biggest and brightest news of the weekend was that our new little friend was born in Zurich on Friday.
So sweet and so very, very welcome!


  1. Oi....Downton Abbey og tårer...nei det vil jeg ikke ha. Håper du bare prøver å lure oss....ja det gjør du helt sikkert...ja det er jeg nesten helt sikker på...tror jeg.

  2. Oi - så mange tårer?
    Men ille koselig med ny verdensborger ♥

  3. Ville aldri skjedd meg! :) Vi har kost oss i England i 4 dager, med shopping og masse god mat og godt drikke. Rakk til og med et par car boot sales, men der var det 99,9% søppel. Lurer på hvor min andre engelsk bloggvenninne finner alle sine skatter! :)

    1. Car boot sales kan vaere litt 'hit and miss'. Ofte mye tull og soppel, men innimellom en og annen liten skatt. Man ma bare ga med et apent sinn og ikke se etter noe spesielt... for DA finner man i allefall ikke noe :-)